Episode Four

  • Post-E3 Impressions! What looked good, what looked bad, and what this says about the game developers in question.
  • PC exclusive gone rogue: The Witcher 2 on X-Box 360? [link]
  • NO F’ing way… EA launching Steam competitor [link]
  • A real-life Holodeck? Finally! [link]
  • The Wii U, a neat new console from Nintendo with a stupid new name! [link]
  • Torchlight pirated over 5 million times in China – developer’s fine with that  [link]
  • LA Noire coming to PC this fall [link]
  • PC Exclusive shooter from the makers of Witcher 2 and BulletStorm [link]
  • Kingdom Hearts “Dream Drop Distance?” [link]
  • Windows 8 able to play X-Box 360 games [link]
  • The Last Airbender – the Legend of Korra trailer revealed [link]
  • What are you playing / looking forward to

Episode Three

  • Duke Nukem has gone gold Link
  • 12 ways consoles are hurting PC gaming Link
  • Farewell to DirectX? Link
  • PSN is back up Link
  • Sony says ‘Sorry’ with Free Games. Link
  • Sony – another Sony company hacked Link
  • Ubisoft’s CEO lets slip that Nintendo’s Project Cafe might be powerful enough to port existing X-Box 360 and PS3 titles to Link
  • Lots o’ big budget Superhero Movies this summer: Thor, X-Men, Captain America, Green Lantern.
  • Microsoft buys Skype. What are the implications of this? Link
  • Chinese prisoners are being forced to farm gold in MMOs ‘Oh the humanity!’ Link
  • E3 primer – what have you heard, what do you know?



Episode Two

In Over the Fence Episode Two, we discuss . . .

Chat with Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess is an iDevice app designer and a multi-talented musician best known as the keyboardist for Progressive Metal band Dream Theater. I met him at a presentation at the Apple store in SoHo, NYC, and he had a few words to say regarding his interest in the iDevice line.


Episode One


The OTF Production team is proud to present the very first episode of Over the Fence! In this episode, Patrick, Eric, Chad, Jeff, Shaun and David discuss:


  • Valve more profitable than Google or Apple?
  • Verizon iPhone is here!
  • Telltale Games picks up lots of new franchises!
  • Musical interlude by Jeff Wise
  • Bulletstorm’s “Videogames cause rape” debacle!
  • Violent videogames Promote Civic behavior?
  • What have YOU been playing recently?