Episode Eight

  • George Lucas Retires
  • Viacom chief disappointed about mob mentality surround the SOPA defeat
  • Megaupload shutdown did nothing to slow piracy, study finds
  • Microsoft abandoning points by the end of 2012
  • Lego partially influences Minecraft…which then inspires Minecraft Legos?
  • Notch is going to fund a Pyschonauts 2?
  • Bethesda releases PC-only Skyrim hi-res pack and creation kit
  • Kinect for PC now available
  • X-Box 720 rumored to not play used games – developers love the idea
  • What are you playing?


Episode Seven

  • Direct2Drive joins GameFly – looks like digital distribution is heating up Linky
  • Steam sales increase 100 percent for the seventh straight year Linky
  • Steam Winter Sale: anyone score any Phat Loot?Now that it’s 2012 – What is your game of the year for 2011?
  • Thoughts on SWTOR – from beta to post launch model!
  • SWTOR is the fastest-growing MMO in history? Over a million subscribers in just a couple days since launch! Linky
  • Jonathan’s Random Topic


Episode Six

  • Favorite games of the fall season + impressions
  • Next WoW expansion announced – Mists of Pandaria
  • Star Wars The Old Republic coming on the 20th
  • EA adds WB, Capcom and THQ to Origin
  • Shigeru Miyamoto retiring from Nintendo Or is he?
  • Ico Creator Leaves Sony, Team Ico
  • X-Box 360 Fall Update – Likey? No Likey?
  • Jonathan’s random topic

Artwork based on a photo by James West

Episode Five

  • Steve Jobs died
  • Battlefield 3 isn’t slated for Steam release – will Mass Effect 3 be? [link]
  • Why no Steam Notch? [link]
  • Jon Carmack complains consoles aren’t as powerful as PCs [link]
  • but then shares that consoles are ‘better business’ than PCs for games [link]
  • Witness – peering through the ‘Myst’ [link]
  • Nintendo Files Patent For ‘Massively Single-Playing Online Game’ [link]
  • Why game industry talent is going indie. [link]
  • Portal’s free DLC – how’d you like it?
  • Jonathan was right – codes to play games on consoles – Online Passes [link]
  • Jonathan’s random topic