About Us

Founded in 2011, Over the Fence is an escapism-themed podcast where adventure gamers discuss the current state of the gaming, entertainment, and tech world. Over the Fence was formed by a group of adventure gamers who felt it would be interesting to approach and discuss gaming in the modern age from the perspective of adventure games. The podcast also features original musical pieces composed by OTF staffers.

OTF was spun off from our sister project, The Cavern Today – which consists of a podcast, forum, and several sub-projects focused on news & views from the Myst fan community, particularly involving Myst Online: Uru Live. OTF originated as a 5-episode miniseries in TCT’s podcast feed, before being spun off into a separate project altogether.

The OTF Team

  • Chris Bridgman is a member of the production team for Over the Fence. Dreams of being a renaissance man but trapped as a jack of all trades, he tries to balance out college work with a need for video games, music, writing, and physics. In the realm of video games he is fond of adventure, RPG, survival horror, and has been known to dabble with FPS.
  • Dakota “Moose” Mashi is OTF’s original brave and daring site admin. Moose works behind the scenes to maintain the structural integrity of the website, OTF’s server/database, and the publishing of our podcasts.
  • David Naturale, better known by his stage and screen name, “Dalken Starbyne,” is the announcer for Over The Fence. He is a hardcore gamer and typically enjoys a wide variety of genres ranging from shooters, MMOs, and real-time strategy, to puzzle, adventure, and role-playing games. Though quite able to enjoy the action and adrenaline a game can provide, his primary focus of enjoyment tends to be from the quality of story and the overall challenge presented by any given title. He brings a quirky and often energetic personality to the team which shows through his periodic exclamations which may or may not be directly related to the topic at hand.
  • Eric Olp is a production team member of OTF, and has been involved in podcasting since 2005, when he mistakenly thought he sounded good in front of a microphone. Since then, Eric has been involved in numerous podcasts and audio dramas including the award-winning “Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire”. When not podcasting, Eric is an Application Developer for a local software development company, and sits on staff for a major Wisconsin anime convention. He is an avid cosplayer thanks to his girlfriend and friends from school.
  • Jeff Wise is a production team member of the Over The Fence podcast. He also composes music for the podcast and connects his gaming lifestyle in meaningful ways to his day job as a high school English teacher. Although he enjoys most games that come along, he tends to favor the games that stand out as being unique or different.
  • Jonathan Ponder is a long-time podcast coordinator, Editorial Producer, script writer, sound editor, audio assembly specialist and general iron fist wielding overlord. Learning such lessons as: “it has to go out, so it’s GOING to go out” are fun things you can expect to hear from Jonathan. Jonathan is also a visceral / violent video gamer. He can be heard making such complaints as: “There’s not enough guns” or “Where’s the blood?” As you might expect, his gaming genres of choice are 3rd person Melee – having gotten his start in older PC titles such as Rune, then FPS games, with the now classic No One Lives Forever. Today, it’s easy to find Jonathan playing any number of AAA FPS / melee titles, such as Battlefield 3 or Assassin’s Creed. Jonathan is an avid gamer. If you have any doubts, find him on Steam as Jnathus00, and see for yourself.
  • Patrick Mauro is a nerd, and the current Exec Producer of OTF. In addition to participating in podcasts, he also writes music for the podcast and serves as the primary administrator for the site. Patrick’s struggles attempting to game on his late-2009-era 13″ MacBook Pro were often a source of great amusement for the rest of the team before he finally joined the “PC Master race” in 2014.
  • Tim “Miles” Keller was one of the driving forces behind the scenes at The Cavern Today project going – he designed much of its artwork, and maintained the servers on which the site was hosted. While not an active participant in the OTF project, he is close with the team and has collaborated with us on a few of our podcast episodes.
  • Will Sheppard-Sage is a friend of the show and a founding member of the Geek Out / Nerd Rage podcast project. Will has collaborated with the OTF team, and has been featured on a few episodes of our own podcast.