Episode Four

  • Post-E3 Impressions! What looked good, what looked bad, and what this says about the game developers in question.
  • PC exclusive gone rogue: The Witcher 2 on X-Box 360? [link]
  • NO F’ing way… EA launching Steam competitor [link]
  • A real-life Holodeck? Finally! [link]
  • The Wii U, a neat new console from Nintendo with a stupid new name! [link]
  • Torchlight pirated over 5 million times in China – developer’s fine with that  [link]
  • LA Noire coming to PC this fall [link]
  • PC Exclusive shooter from the makers of Witcher 2 and BulletStorm [link]
  • Kingdom Hearts “Dream Drop Distance?” [link]
  • Windows 8 able to play X-Box 360 games [link]
  • The Last Airbender – the Legend of Korra trailer revealed [link]
  • What are you playing / looking forward to

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