Episode Sixteen


  • Cliffy B leaves Epic? Linky Irrational Games shuts down as Ken Levine leaves? Linky John Carmack leaves ID? Linky Where are we going to get our AAA titles now?
  • PC gaming in the Living room in late 2014? Anyone ready / willing / wanting this? Linky Maybe use the nVidia Shield Linky
  • Martin O’Donnell fired from Bungie Linky
  • 2014 Gaming forecast, any winners you want to talk about?
  • Borderlands 3, a sequel prequel. Link
  • Captain America 2, perhaps recent movies in general. Captain America 3 to release the same day as Batman vs. Superman.
  • Evolve, from Turtle Rock (L4D developer) Site Link
  • What are you playing lately?


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