Episode Twelve


  • Windows 8 Failed to Boost PC Market Linky
  • PC Market seeing a sharp decline in 2013 Linky Funny Linky
  • Apple’s re-org suggest unification of iOS and OS X Linky
  • Epic Games seeing an exodus of employees Linky, more than just Cliffy B Linky
  • Ubisoft’s former creative director of Assassin’s Creed left in 2010, then joined THQ Montreal, which was later acquired by Ubisoft, at which time they fired him. Linky
  • BioShock Infinite ‘over the top’ violent? Linky
  • Gearbox ripped off the art style of Borderlands? Linky Proof: Linky
  • Farcry 3 Blood Dragon DLC is 1980’s Action Sci-Fi Cartoon Come to Life! Linky
  • MegaUpload tries to combat US government corruption (from Hollywood), will that get anywhere? Linky
  • Lucasarts folds; Star Wars license handed over to EA, who announces no major SW releases in 2014. Linky
  • J’nathus’s random topic


OTF Theme (“Season 2” – current)


OTF08 arrived during a period of time when we were changing and updating a lot of things around here at OTF. As such, we internally considered OTF8 the beginning of “Season Two” of the OTF Podcast. With the arrival of “Season Two” came changes in the aesthetic of the website, forums, podcast tone, podcast album art – and of course, a revamping of the theme tune.

The revised version of “Over the Fence” features reworked mixing and more concise arrangement, which now incorporates a 4/4 version of the theme from “Beyond the Barrier,” giving the track (and the podcast) an actual “theme.”

Another new addition is live performances from musicians instead of sequenced MIDI. Featured on the track are Mackenzie Cook on guitar and Peter McCulloch on keyboards.

Episode Ten

  • L4D2 Valve’s first Linux game Link
  • Windows 8 is actually peachy – you should install it. INSTALL IT NOW!!!
  • Steam Big Picture mode
  • EA making more from PC rather than PS3 Link
  • Forbes says if you don’t use Facebook, you’re suspicious Link Reddit disagrees Link
  • Black Mesa Source is actually happening? Link
  • Ubisoft scraps always-on DRM Link
  • iPhone 5 announced
  • Guild Wars 2 launch