Episode Three

  • Duke Nukem has gone gold Link
  • 12 ways consoles are hurting PC gaming Link
  • Farewell to DirectX? Link
  • PSN is back up Link
  • Sony says ‘Sorry’ with Free Games. Link
  • Sony – another Sony company hacked Link
  • Ubisoft’s CEO lets slip that Nintendo’s Project Cafe might be powerful enough to port existing X-Box 360 and PS3 titles to Link
  • Lots o’ big budget Superhero Movies this summer: Thor, X-Men, Captain America, Green Lantern.
  • Microsoft buys Skype. What are the implications of this? Link
  • Chinese prisoners are being forced to farm gold in MMOs ‘Oh the humanity!’ Link
  • E3 primer – what have you heard, what do you know?



Episode Two

In Over the Fence Episode Two, we discuss . . .

Episode One


The OTF Production team is proud to present the very first episode of Over the Fence! In this episode, Patrick, Eric, Chad, Jeff, Shaun and David discuss:


  • Valve more profitable than Google or Apple?
  • Verizon iPhone is here!
  • Telltale Games picks up lots of new franchises!
  • Musical interlude by Jeff Wise
  • Bulletstorm’s “Videogames cause rape” debacle!
  • Violent videogames Promote Civic behavior?
  • What have YOU been playing recently?