Episode Twelve


  • Windows 8 Failed to Boost PC Market Linky
  • PC Market seeing a sharp decline in 2013 Linky Funny Linky
  • Apple’s re-org suggest unification of iOS and OS X Linky
  • Epic Games seeing an exodus of employees Linky, more than just Cliffy B Linky
  • Ubisoft’s former creative director of Assassin’s Creed left in 2010, then joined THQ Montreal, which was later acquired by Ubisoft, at which time they fired him. Linky
  • BioShock Infinite ‘over the top’ violent? Linky
  • Gearbox ripped off the art style of Borderlands? Linky Proof: Linky
  • Farcry 3 Blood Dragon DLC is 1980’s Action Sci-Fi Cartoon Come to Life! Linky
  • MegaUpload tries to combat US government corruption (from Hollywood), will that get anywhere? Linky
  • Lucasarts folds; Star Wars license handed over to EA, who announces no major SW releases in 2014. Linky
  • J’nathus’s random topic


Episode Eleven

  • iPad Mini – Too Mini, or just Mini enough for the 7″ crowd?
  • Windows 8 is out… What ELSE has ‘Surfaced’???
  • Steven Sinovsky leaves Microsoft
  • The Wii-U came out this ‘Wii-kend’
  • Hostess is out of business… anybody missing the twinkies?
  • J’nathus’ random topic

Artwork based on a photo by Joe Hagan

Episode Ten

  • L4D2 Valve’s first Linux game Link
  • Windows 8 is actually peachy – you should install it. INSTALL IT NOW!!!
  • Steam Big Picture mode
  • EA making more from PC rather than PS3 Link
  • Forbes says if you don’t use Facebook, you’re suspicious Link Reddit disagrees Link
  • Black Mesa Source is actually happening? Link
  • Ubisoft scraps always-on DRM Link
  • iPhone 5 announced
  • Guild Wars 2 launch

Windows 8

Jonathan and Tim discuss the pros and cons of Windows 8, including practical user considerations and share predictions on hurdles for new users.

Episode Nine

  • E3 post impressions
  • Windows 8 Release Preview – It’s going to flop
  • Valve is working on a Linux client – Escape hatch from Win8 much?
  • Mass Effect Most Important Sci-Fi series of our generation? Link
  • Jonathan’s Random Topic – Let’s talk about Reddit

Artwork based on a photo by Jaymar Turner