Episode Thirteen


  • Post E3 / next gen impressions, hopes, dreams, etc.
  • Valve’s Pipeline to teach HS students how to get into the video game industry
  • Steam Summer Sale

Episode Ten

  • L4D2 Valve’s first Linux game Link
  • Windows 8 is actually peachy – you should install it. INSTALL IT NOW!!!
  • Steam Big Picture mode
  • EA making more from PC rather than PS3 Link
  • Forbes says if you don’t use Facebook, you’re suspicious Link Reddit disagrees Link
  • Black Mesa Source is actually happening? Link
  • Ubisoft scraps always-on DRM Link
  • iPhone 5 announced
  • Guild Wars 2 launch

Windows 8

Jonathan and Tim discuss the pros and cons of Windows 8, including practical user considerations and share predictions on hurdles for new users.

Episode Nine

  • E3 post impressions
  • Windows 8 Release Preview – It’s going to flop
  • Valve is working on a Linux client – Escape hatch from Win8 much?
  • Mass Effect Most Important Sci-Fi series of our generation? Link
  • Jonathan’s Random Topic – Let’s talk about Reddit

Artwork based on a photo by Jaymar Turner

Episode Eight

  • George Lucas Retires
  • Viacom chief disappointed about mob mentality surround the SOPA defeat
  • Megaupload shutdown did nothing to slow piracy, study finds
  • Microsoft abandoning points by the end of 2012
  • Lego partially influences Minecraft…which then inspires Minecraft Legos?
  • Notch is going to fund a Pyschonauts 2?
  • Bethesda releases PC-only Skyrim hi-res pack and creation kit
  • Kinect for PC now available
  • X-Box 720 rumored to not play used games – developers love the idea
  • What are you playing?